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Supplies to repair and restore your watches

The purchase of supplies is essential in the context of the repair or restoration of your old and recent watches. To do this, it is important to choose quality parts adapted to that of your timepiece. Your expert in spare parts in the world of old watches offers you something to satisfy you on this subject.

Watch Supplies for Every Need

The treatment of watches, old or recent, is meticulous. Indeed, its parts are small, which makes the task difficult, but not impossible. It's all about having the right parts on hand. Your antique watch professional offers various supplies for all kinds of brand watches.

There is something for every need, from plates to automation bridges, including pendulums, date discs or date stamp supports. These parts are suitable for wristwatches, nurse's watches, chiming watches, rooster watches, jewelry watches, quartz watches or even diver's watches.

How to repair or restore a watch?

Once you have your quality supplies in hand, all you have to do is start repairing and restoring your old and new watches. For this, you have to repair, that is to say the action of repairing, overhauling and regulating the movement of your watches. But before dismantling your timepiece, a preliminary examination is necessary in order to establish the diagnosis.